Private Therapy Consultation

  • 1 hour


Consultations are typically in-person and online, determined by the needs of the client, and are one to two hour sessions. Consultations are client-focused with a blend of spiritual counselling, family constellations, yoga, meditation, breath work, sound work, somatic psychotherapy and process work. I work with families, teams, groups, couples, parent-child duos, and individuals. Assessment sessions of 1.5 hours ascertain the best method of working together, and are recommended to initiate the healing/therapeutic relationship. Thereafter clients are advised on the ideal frequency and duration of sessions in order to address the desired transformation in behaviour and states of mind. Ideally, clients are encouraged to do a home-segment in between sessions to augment and speed up the process of transformation. Clients can expect to co-design with me a program of transformation calibrated to achieve autonomy in the process of self-healing. Over decades as a healing practitioner, my experience shows that clients who accept the autonomy heal most swiftly. The journey together is one of encouraging this acceptance and working to overcome resistance and fear generated in the process.

Cancellation Policy

Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy training requires a month's notice for cancellation failing which there will be no refund. 50% refund will be given if the notice period for training is observed. Appointments require 48 hours notice failing which full payment is due. Classes do not require any notice for cancellation provided no monies have been paid. If monies have been paid these will be forfeited.

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