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Custom sceneries are, for the most part, created using a special dArt Scenerizer tool. This tool can be downloaded at www.dArt.netThe Affordable Care Act Is Good for the ChildrenArticle by Elisa Wissow, MSWApril 11, 2012While we’re thrilled for all the young people who are planning to attend college this year, getting a fresh start is not free. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, parents are spending around $100,000 on each child’s tuition. Families can be stretched to the limit to be able to afford this expense, and if a family is low-income, many cost sharing options may not be available to them.Given that, it’s important to consider the ways in which the health reform law will benefit this generation of youth. The Affordable Care Act established the new health insurance marketplaces, which guarantee access to young people ages 19-25 without family coverage to the same extent as other Americans.Insurance for youth is a topic we hear all the time in our office. Not only do young people deserve to have health insurance; they’re much more likely to use it than adults. As a young person I had a family plan that I had to pay for myself; I covered my parents and brothers with my own coverage; and I always took my older sister to the doctor because her parents didn’t have insurance. It was a very different experience than it is today. I have friends who are still paying for insurance they never used; it’s unfair and inefficient. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an estimated 17 million young adults (18-24) did not have health insurance in 2010.That’s why the creation of the new insurance marketplaces in the Affordable Care Act is so important. It will be completely free to young people in 2014, ensuring they have coverage. It will also make it easier for young people to get the coverage they need if they already have insurance. Thanks to the new marketplaces, young adults will be able to keep their family plans if they leave them (for now, full-time college students can keep their plans if they stay in their states) and young adults can get subsidies to buy individual coverage if they don’t have their own plan.If you need help paying for insurance, there are also tax credits that can be applied to the cost of insurance. These credits range from 08929e5ed8


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