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Yoga Teacher's Training

Deepen your understanding of Yoga Sciences or start your journey to becoming a teacher. Itta Roussos leads certified, structured and modular courses for level 1 and 2 teacher's training.


Building on over four decades of experience with Yoga, Itta Roussos’s Yoga teacher training includes an introduction to yoga philosophy, basic Ayurvedic knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of how asana, pranayama, mudra, and bandha impact on general health from the perspectives of Hatha, Tantra, and Kundalini yoga.


You will be trained in the application of these technologies with classes of people who are at different levels of ability due to age, lifestyle, physical capacity, and stress. Training includes lectures, supervised teaching practicum, peer group work, teacher development, training videos, Q&A, and discussions.


There are four modules totalling 220 hours. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory and training is assessed through home study and a written assessment on completion of all four modules. The process of learning on the training is integrative and requires both individual and group home-practice in between modules. Group work is an integral part of the training and includes some hours of mandatory community service. The four modules take place online with some sessions taking place in-person at a location venue. These location weekend sessions can also be attended online for those who cannot attend in-person.


Cost for the modules is all-inclusive. In-person attendance is not compulsory although it is highly encouraged where possible, to experience the group consciousness that is manifested during an immersion of this nature. The experience is transformative and creates a greater depth of understanding of the technologies than is possible in an individual format. The online format is still very impactful and has become a very powerful way of making the training accessible to all.


This 220 hour training can serve as a foundation for Sat Sangat Yoga Therapy training for those students wishing to study further.

If you would like to attend a teacher's training course please click below to see the full list of upcoming courses.

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