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Jul 14, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021

WombSpace Course One

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This is the first course in a series that offers an understanding of the term ‘WombSpace’ and how to use tools to detoxify and restore a sense of empowered ownership of the wombspace. Wombspace work is not just for those who have physical wombs; it is a space that brings the divine feminine front and centre and debunks the myth of modern society that masculine energy is all we need to thrive in these times. It is an inclusive space that welcomes all those who are weary of the limited truths we are offered about our bodies and minds, and what it takes to be fully healthy and whole as communities of humans. All who want to understand how to begin to access the deeply restorative powers of feminine energy, to balance and complete masculine energy, will benefit from this course. Over six sessions you will be guided through practices, meditations, rituals, and process work using yoga, meditation, visualisations, affirmations and mantras, and ancestral lineage cleansing practices. A live Q&A session will be offered every three months for those who have completed all six segments of the course. In this space we can listen to each other’s questions and learn from one another. Become part of a community of people who are engaged in increasing wombspace consciousness in our world.  Build a new balance within your own life.

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Womb Consciousness Course I

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